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Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Feature!!!

Yes..new feature is added to my blog! I put it in Fun Box section on the right side of my blog. It's actually a drawing board..u can draw anything u like and play it after u finished..quite fun!!
I came across this drawing board from YING's blog. It's called RAKUGAKI board..anyone wish to get it can register here

1. Click draw button and start drawing.
2. Once finished drawing, click "保存" button to save
3. Click play button, it will play all the saved drawing through this board.
4. Enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Shopping Episode 2

Went to times square yesterday to continue my shopping supree :P
reach there at 11 something. Walked around and discovered that GSC there is opening and they offer free screening!! Ask them for how to redeem free ticket. Actually need to tear of the ad from newspaper and show them. One ad entitled to 2 tickets. I rushed to 7 eleven and manage to get the ad. But all the free movie is old movie. Mostly had watch it before. So, simple choose one. ohya! the offer is till 26th Jan. so, who ever want to go, remember get the ad from newspaper ok?
Gf have a appointment with a saloon there at 1pm. So after sending her to saloon, i shop alone. Get myself 6 title of *ahem* dvd. BTW..the "kungfu hustle" dvd is out..manage to watch a portion of the movie..really funny :) After that, continue my lonely shopping journey and saw one jeans in Discreet at RM149.9. Ok tahan a bit..if still cant find any better one, will come back for that..walked around then entered one shop..OMG!! saw the same jeans at only RM99.9! cant resist anymore..try the jeans and ask to use credit card..but the sales gal told me cannot :( i didnt have enough cash..have to go atm and withdraw. But at least i save RM50..RM149.9 - RM 99.9 = RM50!!! Then i also manage to get one tee from Derbenhams (dont know my spelling correct or not) also...
Go back and waited for my gf..she finished her hairdo at around 6pm..skipped the free movie..then we go to Hartz chicken buffet to have our dinner before go back to watch DVD. haha! watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Scary movie..not bad..especially to watch with gals..haha! :P


It's saturday. Bad thing happen to me today :(
Today morning around 10.30am, when i on my way to Times Square, i drive along Jalan Tun Razak and i turn in to Jalan Bukit Bintang. When i reach a shell petrol station, before the traffic light, it's a 3 lanes road. I am driving in the last lane because i need to turn left to jalan Imbi after the traffic light. The 2 lanes on my right is leading to bukit bintang and is jammed with vehicle. I think i drive quite fast also, around 70-80 km/h coz it's green light for my lane. Suddenly a girl rushing out from the jammed lane!! OMG!! My first reaction is to steer left to avoid the girl. Bang! I think the girl still collide with the side of my car. Shit! i quickly stop my car and take a look with the rear mirror. The girl is lying on the road. I rush to the girl and ask how's she. She just look so painful although no bleeding. I ask around for the nearest hospital. Then one guy there tell me is Greneagles. So i just drive the girl to that hospital.
I get to know that the girl actually wanted to post a post card. Her uncle drops her at the opposite road, so she needs to cross the road and get to the mailbox at the petrol station to post the post card. Actually they are from Hong Kong. They need to go back to singapore later to catch the flight back to Hong Kong. That's why the girl is rushing coz she hopes she can buy more time. Her uncle also follow me to the hospital. After check in, i go to make a police report.
I go to ampang jaya police station at first, wtf!! i cant log a report there. I need to go Traffic HQ which located near Petaling street. And tht's the only place i can log a report. I thought if the accident happen in KL, i can log a report at any KL police station? Damn! wat a lousy system. No choice..after filling a form, take the photo of my car..explain everthing to the sergeant..and the sergeant tell me i had do what i need to do. Now is only the matter of the other party. I rushed back to Gleneagles hospital again too see how's the girl condition. She break her arm, her toes are swollen and a bump on her head. I tell the uncle it's better for them to log a report too in case they need to claim for insurance. I need to bring the them there too coz they doesnt know how to get there. So, i wait for the uncle and the girl there. Too tired..catch a snap there. Finally at around 4pm, the girl is safe to go.
So, i back to the traffic HQ again but this time is for them to log a report. Damn! the policemen there is so rude. And they dont understand English at all!! how they want to communicate to 2 Hong Kong ppl?so, i become temporarily translator there..Everything is finally settle at around 6pm. I manage to chat a bit with 2 of them and get to know them more. The gal is same age as me and they are nice ppl actually.
I give them my name card and ask them to send email to me and let me know the girl condition after they reach Hong Kong.
After that..i go KLCC to have my dinner there. In order to comfort myself, i have my dinner at Madam Kwan :P Nice food there!! Go back home at around 9pm. Hope that the girl is fine and get well soon. All the best to both of them!

Shopping Episode 1

It's friday, went to sunway pyramid to look for new cloths. Luckily i went there before lunch, still had plenty of parking lot there, if not, will waste half an hour just to look for a place to park. Had my lunch at sushi king then walked around. Intend to have a movie too since i havent watch "kungfu hustle" yet. But at last, didnt manage to watch it coz thinking to go 1 Utama after this so might as well watch the movie there. Cant find any cloths in sunway pyramid, so headed to 1 Utama at around 4pm.
Damn! took me half an hour to park my car at 1 Utama's U Parkson carpark. hmm..i think the decoration in 1 Utama and sunway pyramid is the nicest among the others shopping mall in klang valley area. Maybe should held a competition for that and let us, the visitor to vote for the nicest. haha! Spend around 4 hours in 1 Utama, still cant find nice cloths for myself..mayb i am too picky..no!! definately i am picky! :P I didnt manage to watch "kungfu hustle" also coz it's not showing anymore at TGV 1 Utama. So, i went to have dinner before went back to rest. Had dinner at this thai restaurant. i think it's called "Just thai". The food there is so so only but pricey. Not recommended!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

MFM again?

long time dont blog..till someone said give up to my blog aready ^_^'
but really dont hav any idea what to blog..
anyone wonder why i blog early in the morning before office hour? that's because last nite i park my car outside my condo. i have to wake up early and get to my car before the traffic's summon. Usually the traffic will appear around 8am..so i hav to wake up before that and come to work earlier than i normally do..
Last nite, had my dinner again at Manhattan Fish Market(MFM), Mid Valley. Treated my fren a meal. He is my senior. I wanted to thank him because he helped me to carry my remaining things over in JB to me. 3 damn heavy boxes. Thousand thanks to him. But really hard to invite him man! he is so busy. Already mentioned bout the meal many weeks ago but till last nite only manage to treat him. Because of him, i have to ffk another fren of mine. Very sorry to this fren. No choice, if i didnt manage to treat him last nite, i dont know whether i have to wait forever for the meal :P
There were three of us. I ordered Manhattan seafood platter for two, the dory dish tht i mentioned before in my previous post and the mussels recommended by RouRou. Hmm..the mussels not bad, the soup is nice but they gave us 5 mussels instead of half dozen as written down in the menu. We finished the mussels but cant finish the seafood platter, too much for us and the cheesy thing make us get full easily..the meal last nite cost me RM80++ :( Nevermind, once a while mar..the most important thing is we enjoyed our meal :)
We left Mid Valley at about 10pm. Once again, thanks to my senior for giving me a helping hand before this and sorry to my another fren that i ffk..haha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Parking Lot

Start from this week, all guards for my condo is replace with the new one. I guess the management switched to another company.
I rent a room there and i dont have valid parking lot nor car sticker. But i manage to find a parking lot that belong to no one. Normally one parking lot is dedicated to one condo unit. My parking lot dont hav any unit number. So before this, i parked there all the time and so far no problem at all. I can entered the condo compound anytime i like, i just need to inform the guard that i am staying in the condo and i have my own parking lot. They will let me in. The guard already knew me and would let me in straight away once they saw my car approaching.
But after the new company take over, everything is change. The new guard damn stupid. I let them know i have my own parking lot and told them i cant apply for the sticker coz only the owner can apply (i already asked bout the procedure to apply sticker b4 this). I also asked them not to worry coz i wont occupied the visitor parking lot. But this indian guy..i think he is the boss of the guard..keep telling me they cant let me in and ask me to park at outside. WTF!! almost every morning the traffic is giving summon there, u want me to park outside? i already kena twice and no way i would park there anymore. Asking the guy, like this where should i park my car...does he willing to pay for me if i kena saman? the guy just keep telling me that is my own problem and he doesnt care and said today is the last day he let me in....damnit!!! Stupid, idiot, farking guard..
This morning, i just walked to my office. I didnt drive. I worry they dont let me in later. i try not to go out often with my car. I must figure out a way to solve this. Any suggestion? Maybe is time for me to move... hey Fred, got free room at your place kah? hahaha....

Friday, January 07, 2005

Trapped In The Room

This morning, i wake up at around 7am to go to toilet. I guess i drink too much water last nite coz usually i wake up at 8am. Then, when i want to open the door, WTF!!! i twisted the knob but i just cant get the door open..twisted for another direction, still cant..damn it! stupid door knob..i am trapped inside my room!!! Dont dare to wake my house's owner up since it's still early in the morning.
no choice..took out my e-genting card n try to open with it..mayb becoz i played too many stealth games recently, i manage to open it with the card..phew...relief! took me half and hour to deal with that..there goes my e-genting card :(
how lucky i am for wake up at 7am this morning, if i wake up as usual, sure will late for work..b4 i leave my room to work, i'd try to lock n unlock, close and open the door for a few times just to make sure it wont stuck when i come back from work later..
hopefully the door will be guai guai today n dont bully me...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Gathering At The Curve

Just read Nom Nom's blog bout the gathering which activated my kiasu mode..haha..i also want to blog this down.
Last night we have this gathering among the xettieboard member at The Curve. The Curve is a new shopping complex in Mutiara Damansara. Just located opposite Ikea and beside Tesco.
Just like usual, i went to lrt station after my work to fetch CupidCupid and Nom Nom but surprisingly, this cute eRiCCa also there! haha, although she mentioned she appeared not because of me, i still feel great and thank her for giving me the chance to meet her :P
Then 4 of us head to The Curve together. This is my first time been to The Curve. I think The Curve is divided into 2 part. One is for dining and entertainment purpose and the other part is for shopping. Is a nice place for ppl minum minum and chit chat coz got many nice restaurant and cafe there. I think it would get better once all the shoplots are fully opened.
The gathering started at around 7.30pm at a vietnamise restaurant called Pho Hoa. There were 10 of us. Mostly of us ordered the beef noodle soup. For me the food there is so so only, i still prefer Vietnam Kitchen. But we did enjoy ourselves there very much. Thanks to this funny "lao ban" FREDDIE and i want to WORSHIP him for treating us the dinner :respect:. THANKS FREDDIE !!!
After that we went for a walk inside The Curve and Tesco beside. Freddie wanted to get himself an earing but he found nothing at last, haha!We went seperate way when freddie leave us to meet with his GF. The rest of us decided to go back home. But on the way back, me, CupidCupid and eRiCCa decided to invite kae for a drink.
We fetched her from her place and headed to SS2 Honey Bee. eRiCCa was so happy to be there and so keen bout the enviroment there till she even mentioned if the guy she bring there said the enviroment there is cute, that guy will automatically qualify as her bf. Pls take note, all the guys out there, haha!!
4 of us were playing chor dai dee there. This kae really a good gal. She langsung dont know how to play card. Cant even hold the card properly, haha! i hope she will understand wat we teach her last nite. We went back at 11 something and it's raining heavily. I reached home at around 12 and still manage to watch one episode of the drama before i went to bed.
Lastly, many many thanks to freddie for the dinner and thanks everyone for attending the gathering especially eRiCCa! coz i thought she wont come. Hopefully there are still many chances to come for us to meet!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Boring New Year

Happy New Year~ to all of you out there..hmm, the year 2004 is not a good year..just like the year 2003..especially at the end of the year 2004. A big disaster happened. Many people lose their life because of that. Hopefully 2005 will be a good and peaceful year. No more disaster, no more WAR!!
Actually nothing much to update here. Just felt regret when i read NN's and CC's blog. I should go clubbing at new year eve. They enjoy themselves and definately had a great time there. I spent my new year eve watching DVD at home! haha..*ahem* DVD is selling cheap in Times Square. RM10 for 3!! cheaper than VCD and the quality not bad too, very clear.I bought 6 pcs but until now only manage to finish one of it.
Last nite i went to Serdang. Have to thank edwin coz accompany me and lead me the way. Thanks a lot to him. I need to go there to collect my things from my fren who just came back from JB. He was helping me to carry my remaining thing over from JB. Gosh! i never knew i had so many thing left over in JB. A monitor, a set of speaker, a box of stuff (damn heavy) and a few pairs of shoes. Even my football boots is here now, haha..but too bad, no kaki to play football with me :( .
After that, we went to have our dinner together and chit chat a bit wit him. We went back at 9 something. I reached home and watched how lousy malaysia football team lose to indonesia with 2 goals leading..really disappointed with them. The way they play suck! especially the striker..*shakehead*
hmm..today have to meet with our dai lou, Mr. Freddie for dinner, haha! I'm looking forward to it. Ok, before i end this, happy new year once again to all of you and let's us pray for the tsunami victims and pray for peace of the world!