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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Yesterday a bit moody... feeling down becoz of something... :(
so, i made up some poem to express my feeling..although is not a pro poem, but at least i can shown my feeling in it..
but later on, xettieboard members saw it and ended up we 对联 for few hours... *sweat*

me: 问君能有几多愁,恰似春水向东流

me: 夜深人尽倍相思,钦慕之心君可晓

me: 纷纷细雨落窗前,深深叹息难眠夜

this is when the 对联 began..

me: 秋季即临君将离,唯可深叹多保重.
freddie: 春风吹至花即开,依旧感慨少有心.
nom: 冬季降到君就来,请你少穿几件衣.

me: 前路茫茫何出去,望谁指我一明路.
freddie: 旁人匆匆忙归还,期君为妾掌明灯.
nom: 旁人个个忙着回,望你能借掌spotlight我.

me: 倾倾妳我明月下,长长久久直永恒.
freddie: 纤纤玉手暗丛中,怩怩怜怜多姿雅. (a bit "yellow".)
nom: 倾倾你我太阳下,不做黑人真可惜.

wauhaha soon joined us...

me: 枝上黄雀只只对对,枝下伊人亲亲蜜蜜.
wauhaha: 路上行人孤孤单单,屋里夫妻吵吵闹闹.
freddie: 坟前幼草密密麻麻,坟后老松稀稀荒荒.
nom gave up...

kae joined...

me: 朝朝幕幕相依相偎,倾倾我我相亲相爱.
kae: 吵吵闹闹骂来骂去,哭哭啼啼何时能了. (within 10 seconds!)
freddie: 日日夜夜惜姿惜恋,依依偎偎惜卿惜妾.
nom gave up...

Friday, April 22, 2005


Last nite hav this steamboat wit xettieboard's member...
the steamboat start at 8 something but i reached there around 9
although i not feeling hungry, but i still give face to all of them..
see? i am so good...
i even make soup for them..but really hav to say sorry to hazel coz didnt manage to make one for her..
And ha yan na never intro her pet sis to me *shakehead*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Left to right: Clement, Me, Yy, Smei, nomnom

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me with Kae

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me with Cheryl

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me with hazel

My New Hairstyle

My hair too long edi and getting messy..
although i always wanted to keep a long hair
but i am too lazy to keep it and it's hot!! especially for wheather in m'sia
so i decided to hav a hair cut
Went to Kim Marie in SS2 on last sunday..
told them all i want is short and look good...
ask them to make decision for the style for me..
below is the pic just after my hair cut..
nice ar?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New MP3 Player

I just got this new toy last nite, Apacer 512MB MP3 Player..
After test it last nite, quite satisfy wit it coz it's very light, got all the features i want and come wit a pouch too..
i bought this becoz i want to give it as a gift for someone.. :P
This gadget cost me RM360.. consider fair for a branded mp3 player plus the features come along..
below is some features for the player.

USB 2.0 Flash Drive
MP3/ WMA Player
Voice Record
FM/ FM Record
A-B Repeat
Line-in Record
DRM Supported

FYI, nebo is going to get this toy too..haha, hope u'll like it nebo..