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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Meeting With Xiao Mei

haha..sorry guys..i'm quite lazy to post back the thing happen last few days...
dont blame me for that ok? blame the lazy worms in me..haha
Last nite went to One Utama to meet with my xiao mei (angelfish)..NomNom, CupidCupid and firewire also went along with me. We reached there bout 7 something then meet her up at A&W. At first, i thought we gonna hav dinner with her. But she and her bf already finished their burger. I passed her the thing she want then chit chat a bit with her. I think is becoz of her bf, we didnt talk a lot. Mayb is becoz we had heard wat NomNom's comment on her bf so we didnt dare to simply talk anything. After around 10 mins, we plan to have our dinner at another restaurant coz this CupidCupid didnt want to eat fast food wor. Xiao mei didnt join us and her bf just keep quite there. I think he didnt speak a word also. But nevertheless her bf is leng zhai..haha
Then after our dinner, we went jalan jalan at the mall. CupidCupid was looking for shoes. Then xiao mei sms said wanna go back oledy and said can walk a while with us but later end up we went to find xiao mei. At our half way, xiao mei called me n said she wanna go back, cant meet us liao..wtf!!! Really feel disappointed...feel sorry to firewire and NomNom coz such case happen twice to them, haha...i didnt blame xiao mei lar...hopefully next time meeting wont be like this lor...
So, we decided to head back home. Have to say sorry to NomNom coz we didnt head back home straight, we went to look for kae and yam cha with her..haha..Nom, who ask u stay so far!! we went to her place and wait for her. Kae just came back from gym. We went to SS2 to yam cha. We chit chat till 11 something. Before went back, kae give me her name card..haha..her name so sweet although i read wrongly the first time. I think kae is my friend who stay closest to my place. Next time yam cha ask u lar and u dont forget NuNu also..haha..

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas's eve party!!!

Time: After 10pm

Venue: Wauhaha's place, Block C-G-10 Apartment Indah 1, No 8 Jalan PJU 10/9, Prima Damansara, 47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Who's going: NuNu, NuNu's fren, Firewire, CupidCupid, Wauhaha, NomNom, Nebo, RouRou, Kae...

VIP Guest: Abang Freddie..

Waiting list: chaoxxisy, one secret gal...

Drink : Chivas~ (sponsor by NomNom)

Meeting point : One Utama, RouRou, fire and NomNom will be there around 7.30pm

Map: For those who dont know the location, please refer to the map below..wauhaha's place is somewhere before Damansara Damai.. juz keep left once you at Jalan Sg. Buloh, follow the sign board, u should b able to get there

* who want to join or got any suggestion for wat to hav in the party can leave ur comment here!

Dinner at Mid Valley

Last nite went to mid valley (MV) with my gf. We wanted to have our dinner there. So i picked her up from KJ lrt station after work. We reached MV at 7 something. We had no idea wat to eat, so we just try to looked at the directory. First we consider Picolo Mondo then Spring Valley and at last little vietnam.Since little vietname is at the top floor, we hav to walk from LG to T floor.
hmm..the christmas decoration at MV is really cantik!! i manage to took pics with my phone cam but too bad no cable to connect to my pc. If not, can show u all.
After reach the little vietnam, gosh! so noisy there... wat happen! haha, Stephan Chow is coming!!!
many ppl gather at GSC there...but i cant see Stephan Chow there....mayb still too early, he not yet arrived.
We changed our plan, i suggested to try The Manhattan Fish Market since we havent been there yet. So, walked back to LG again!!
Once we reached The Manhattan Fish Market, we ordered one errr...Baked xxx Dory...haha..forget the name already, and chef's catch of the day and one seafood salad.
The meal was great, tasty...especially the Baked xxx Dory...yum yum!! For those havent try..not bad to give it a try. My dinner cost me RM60++ :'(
After that, we went to BreadTalk to get my breakfast and bought a pack of mua chi b4 we headed back home.

Monday, December 20, 2004


i cant online in weekend coz i only can online at office..i dont hav PC at my place..too bad!
can only wait till monday to update your guy with anything happen in weekend..

I managed to get a notebook. I need it badly to do my work for my previous pratical training's manager. After sending my gf and her fren to perm her hair at Times Square, i headed back home and start configuring the notebook. Install SQL server 2000 already took me a few hours..damn! totally forgot how to configure it.
After tht, IIS problem arised and gf start calling me to pick her up. Nevermind i guess i had to remove the IIS and reinstall it. In order to do so, i hav to get the Ms XP cd first.
After bath, went KL again, got the cd from the manager and successfully configuring the notebook. Then headed to Times Square to pick them up..stupid traffic...jam everywhere!
We had our dinner near cheras leisure mall coz her fren stay somewhere there.

Went to Times Square again coz my gf didnt satisfy with the result. I brought my notebook and sat at Starbuck Coffee there to do my work while waiting for her. Luckily managed to find a plug at starbuck there, if not, my notebook sure runs out of battery coz took 2-3 hours for her to finish with her hairdo. hmm...quite comfy there..i enjoy seeing different ppl with different expression on their face, that's will make me wonder, why they look happy?any good things happen to them lately?they enjoy themself here? or why they look so sad?argued with bf?some sad things happen to them?And i will wish the happy one happy always and the sad one to forget bout the past and live a happy life..
After that, we went for IMAX. Wanna experience the 3D effect. Since i am a digi user, got RM2 discount for both of us, free gift and special seat too! Great!
Before this, i heard many ppl said Polar Express is not a nice movie, but it seems quite interesting to me..mayb it is because i watched it at IMAX?
In the evening, i went to OUG to collect something from Chris_x. He is also forummer from LYN. Then we had dinner at Ah Yip Leng Tong. hehe..better took something that is good for my throat.

Till today, my throat is alrite already..but still coughing lor..wonder why still like that..
mayb should ask CupidCupid to let me try her pricey chinese medicine..haha...
Chritmas is approaching soon...any plan??

Friday, December 17, 2004

Home Alone

Today i didnt go to work coz i feel like dont want to..
last nite i got fever (i guess no one pray for me yessterday)...after took medicine and sleep for a night, now feeling better. No more fever for me but still sore throat and cough :(
i have to go clinic later and seek for doctor advise and get the receipt from them. if not, my company will treat as unpaid leave.
Now i am at home alone, using my owner's PC. They went to work already. 56k connection and windows 98, damn slow! Nevermind, at least i can online haha..
hmm..this 2 weeks i will be more busy coz i have accept an offer from my previos pratical training company to help them with something. The deadline is end of this month, so i guess have to work for them everyday after work ....
They will pay me allowance for that..hopefully i can get myself a PC or PS2 with that..haha...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Dont Want To Get Sick

shiat!! i am sick....this morning, i think i just hav sore throat only..
but now..i am feeling more and more uncomfortable...more and more tired..
this feeling suck! i dont want it...could somebody help me to get rid of it?
damn...dont feel like want to do anything...just spam at the xettieboard whole day..
luckily now i am more free..no critical task hav been assigned to me...
later after work hav to go KL , got appointment with my pratical training company there..cant rest at home..:(
Hopefully i can get over this soon...everyone please pray for me...

A Walk at Pasar Malam

Last nite after work, i went to cheras and joined 2 of my frens to visit the Taman Connaught pasar malam (night market) .
This is my 1st time there, before this, i always go for the pasar malam near Cheras Leisure Mall which will be held every friday nite.
Gosh! the pasar malam i went last nite is so damn long...i cant even finish visit all the stall there..
we reach there around 7.45pm. Since we all havent had our dinner yet, we decided to look for food stall which provide table and chair for us to sit down and enjoy our meal..
we came across this food stall just after a junction..it's full house..so i just waited there while my frens went to get some drinks...
then i saw a couple finished their meal already and i expected them to leave soon. So i stand beside that couple and waited for them to leave.
Just after the couple leave, this stupid worker from the food stall came to the table and ask me how many ppl were we?i answer 3 of us..then she said: "ooh..like tht...give this table to the 5 ppls there 1st..u wait again." WTF!!!, i was going to scold tht farking, stupid, moron, fat lady..
i had waited there for so long and you just asked me to let tht 5 ppls hav the table? Damn! you had 2 more customers at that time but you will lose 3 customers forever...
i didnt scold her, i just walked away. i dont want to act like a moron just like her..
GUYS, PLS boycott tht stall...they really suck!
At last i had chicken chop as my dinner and bought 3 *ahem* CD..
we headed back home at around 9.30pm.
Btw...as i hope, i dont cough so much already, feel better.....
but i have sore throat now... :( just bought a pack of Strepsils before i came to office....

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I think now is sick season...cupidcupid is sick, ha yan na also sick...
and this morning when i wake up...i also cough non stop...shiat!
Am i infected by cupidcupid? luckily now i am ok already...yeah!
hope that i wont get sick...coz it's suck! somemore no one to take care of me since i stay alone...
very pity one if sick now..cant go clubbing with u guys later..haha....
hmm..this post also dedicated to the sick ppl out there...especially cupidcupid and hayanna...
hope tht they will get well soon so tht i can meet them in perfect condition..haha...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pity Santa

hehe..my fren email me just now...really funny, make me laugh like siao lang (mad ppl)...
pity santa, sue for sexual harrassment, haha...
share with u all lar...

Dinner at SS2

Last nite, i went to hav dinner with cupidcupid and edwinlcw...
Really hav to say sorry to this edwinlcw coz let him waited for so long..haha..
cupidcupid meet me at kelana jaya lrt station after work, then i went to pick her up and meet edwinlcw at SS2 Wei Sek Gai...
I ordered fried kuew tiaw but wtf!! took at least 20 mins to reach me...
cupidcupid oledy finished her ipoh dont know wat noodles but my meal still in the waiting list..damn!!!
edwinlcw didnt order anything coz he had to eat at home..got ppl cook for him..so good!
Then we chit chat a bit n lepak there for a while...
since edwinlcw need to go back to hav his dinner..we didnt stay long there...
then i sent cupidcupid home..all along the way back...i think i dont hav to switch on my cd player..coz got some background "music" there....this cupidcupid COUGH non stop!!!
pity her, better drink more water n go to doctor...and most importantly dont *tut* so much..haha..u will know wat i mean..:p

Monday, December 13, 2004

what? pic?

Dont know why ppl (include me) like to see pic a lot..
as you all reguested and in conjuction with the grand opening of my blog..
i hereby present you..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
my pic taken with one of the lyn forummer in mid valley


This blog thingy really make me headache....NBTD in office, so learn how to create blog...
think of the title till my head wanna pecah dee...try several names but mostly taken dee...
then with the help of one of my fren..he suggested moncasa...

mon = my (in french)
casa = castle
moncasa = my castle

not bad hor~ or i syok sendiri only?