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Monday, February 07, 2005

Last Weekend b4 CNY

5/2/2005...today need to do some shopping for my parents..need to get them some cloths..especially my father, he wont get himself new cloths unless we get for him..
so..head to One Utama in the morning around 11 something, after i have pay my car loan..Gosh! it start to get jam in the new wing's carpark.
We walk to old wing, pass by TGV and decide to buy tickets for "Himalaya Singh" at 2.30pm. In Jusco, Manage to get 2 slack and 1 polo tee for father and 1 blouse for my mum. Cost me around RM175. Since there's still some time b4 the show start, we walk to new wing coz i decide to get myself a short pants..i think when i grew older, i become more picky..very hard to get myself something..mayb my taste become more unique..haha! anyway, manage to get a short pants at "Seleczione" (correct spelling?) at RM45 after 50% discount..
"Himalaya Singh" is funny..especially the beginning part..really laugh till my stomach ache...but after tht part..is so so only...quite boring...mayb i am asking too much for Hong kong movie??? After the movie, i go to the curve. Suddenly decide to visit Red Box...haha, long time didnt sing K already..we reach there around 5 and sing till 8pm. So tired...sing till no energy. Cost me RM70++ for that..
Then we have dinner at TGI Friday...i order chicken steak. The steak taste so so only but the shrimp is good! i like their fried shrimp very much! the meal cost me another RM70++ again :( ( Get to know tht freddie and co. also at the curve tht time...never invite me also..*sob* *sob* )

6/2/2005...Go to mid valley today to get something for my gf's parents..Go there around the same time i went One Utama yesterday. Mid Valley even worse...take me half an hour to park my car..After have my lunch at litte penang cafe, just walk around to look for something nice.
At 1st..think of wanna get a hamper but hamper is so common..then suddenly come across the "purple cane" promotion. The packing for the tea set is very nice. So i decided to go for tea set. Since i know nothing about tea coz i dont drink tea ^^;, i just ask the sales gal there to recommend me..the sales gal who serve me is chun!!! haha...I end up getting a tea set worth RM68 and 3 kind of tea worth RM50 with a RM8 discount voucher.So i only need to pay RM110 for the whole thing.
We leave MV after that coz i want to get my car washed. damn! price increase for car wash. After washed my car..pass the car to my gf so that she can drive back to her hometown and i dont need to leave my car at my place for 2 weeks..
i going home by taking lrt to kelana jaya and cab to my condo. Ask bout the rate to go to KLIA too..the driver ask for RM50. Quite reasonable for me coz the rate is around there. So ask the cab to wait for me at my place around 7.30pm tomolo.

Ok guys..i will be leaving to Kuching tonite. My flight is at 10.15pm and will reach kuching at around 12am. Will try to online and keep in touch wit u all especially ha yan na, haha! She said she will be very boring wor..dont know true or not =P
Lastly..i wish for peace of the world and happy holidays for you all.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Crab Feast !!!

Is it too late to blog it now? haha, no choice, i am lazy to blog recently...
Ok, last saturday, we had this crab feast at damansara perdana around 7.30pm. Before that, i went Times Square to have my haircut early in the morning. Then met with NomNom at Sg. Wang. Phoned RouRou, she said she will arrive at 2pm wor..so, i went to get Baby Milo shirt for my xiao mei 1st and NomNom also needed to pass something to his fren. After that we walked around then decided to sit at KFC to wait for RouRou.
RouRou appeared at 2 something..she havent hav her lunch yet so we all accompany her for lunch, haha...got one woman try to seduce NomNom there...very funny lol !! We left Sg. Wang at 4 something and headed to Ikano since freddie will met us there and lead us to the crab feast location. We reached at 5 something and freddie is there already! Reading his book in Starbuck!
Since we were early and NomNom never been to Ikea, so me and rourou accompany him for a walk in Ikea. At 7 something, after Ha yan na and Kae reached, we headed to have our crab feast.
There were 6 of us. haha! First time met with the 1st korean gal appear in my life..Ha yan na!! She's tall, i think taller than me ^^; and she's pretty and hot! =P but too bad..no pic for her :( Ha yan na only speak and understand english, unless i can speak korean..it's weird for me to chat in english coz i never chat wit my frens in english xD ..mayb i should date with ha yan na more to practise it (not a bad excuse to date her out ya =P)
Kae look tired that nite...i think she went gym too often till exhausted =P. Although tired, she still look pretty, haha!
After the feast, we went to Wow Wow cafe. Chit chat and drawing cartoon there..we went home around 12 something. Stupid parking fee...RM9!! broke my record.. nevermind lar..at least we enjoy ourselves.
ok, next mission will be kajang satay hunt lol !!!

* All pic taken by Ha yan na

Sweet, sour and spicy

Kam heong 甘香

Fried man tou

Tailou Fred


Me with 18sx shirt =P



Wow Wow Cafe

now...where is ha yan na?